See the beauty and wonders of Dutch waterways

For years the Dutch have had an intimate relationship with water and sailing. Dating back to using these waters for exploration and commercial use to create the Dutch trade, now being the tourist and recreational go to for many a global traveler or resident.

Traveling on a unique historical ship dating back to 1890, the Stockpaerdt can navigate through Holland’s finest lock, the Mijndensesluis and thousands of years old Vecht River with its drawbridges – where vessels in the Netherlands still have Right of Way!

You will also see the wonders and beauty of our landscape that was created by the movement of glaciers centuries ago, dating back to time in memorial. We can also see how they farmed for Peet in times gone past.  

During one of our tours, you’ll take in the area’s rich history as you navigate past the Nyenrode and Gunterstein castles (both built around 1200 AD), and the luxurious river estates built in the ‘Dutch Golden Age’, and centuries-old country estates built by wealthy VOC merchants from the 1600s.



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